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Grilles and Decorative Screens

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The metal grilles that you install are finishing touches, but they are an important detail that can make a big difference in the overall visual impact of your project. Why not make sure that the metal grilles or metal registers that you install are the best quality so that they create the most attractive possible appearance?

MILGO/BUFKIN has been making metal grilles for the largest builders and leading designers and architects for almost a century. We provide a wide range of customized perforated grilles. Our quality standards are legendary and extend to every product we manufacture. Let us manufacture high quality decorative grilles for you, in any metal and finish and in any style and size to meet your specifications. Whether you need a grille that is contemporary or prefer a Victorian or other traditional design, you can depend on top quality and responsive customer service from MILGO/BUFKIN. From initial drawings to final delivery our people make sure that your grilles are fabricated to the highest quality standards and delivered to you when promised

MILGO/BUFKIN: your choices for metal grilles

MILGO/BUFKIN is a leading fabricator of perforated grilles and air duct registers to meet the needs of discriminating architects, engineers and designers. We offer a wide range of designed metal grilles in your choice of metal, size, color and finish.

MILGO/BUFKIN has provided high quality perforated grilles and registers for almost a century and our work is displayed in some of the most prestigious structures in the world, including:

MILGO/BUFKIN specializes in custom metal grilles

MILGO/BUFKIN can create grilles or registers to your specifications. We have made our reputation by our ability to perform miracles in metal. It’s the reasons why the world’s greatest architects and designers call on us to fabricate their creations. Put our talent and experience to work the next time you need decorative grilles or registers for your project. Please call us for more information; our experienced craftspeople are glad to discuss your project with you and provide you with timely estimates for costs and delivery.

Call MILGO/BUFKIN for all your Grille needs. For information or to receive a quotation, please call 718-388-6476, email us, or use this form now.