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Milgo Bufkin Timeline

Pictured above is Mac Gitlin in one of the trucks Milgo/Bufkin made back in the 1950’s.


MILGO/BUFKIN started in 1916 as a truck body manufacturing shop. From there, Mac Gitlin expanded the company to cut, bend, and weld metal for other applications. Bruce Gitlin discontinued the truck work, added the fabrication of sculpture, purchased state-of-the-art equipment, and developed new technologies, growing the company exponentially. For the past 50 years, MILGO/BUFKIN has continually introduced new materials, finishes, and technologies to support the innovations of leading architects, designers and artists.


In 2000, Bruce’s son Stewart Gitlin, and daughter Stephanie Gitlin, joined the company and helped grow it to a world renowned metal fabrication plant.


Recently Scott Kranzler, the companies new CEO, and son-in-law of the late Alan (Buz) Gitlin who passed away in 1999, has helped surpass all expected goals, and will continue to keep Milgo/Bufkin at the forefront of the Architectural world.

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Our Sculpture on the Moon

1971: NASA regulations for what could be brought into the Lunar Module imposed their own constraints. Then there was the matter of fabricating a sculpture tough enough to survive on the moon, where daytime temperatures can hit about 250 degrees Fahrenheit and nights swing to about 250 below zero. Van Hoeydonck approached Milgo/Bufkin, a Brooklyn-based foundry that started out making horse carriages but had evolved into a leading fabricator of metalwork for artists, to solve the dual aesthetic and technical challenge.

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