Waterjet Cutting

Examples of Completed Waterjet Cutting Projects by Milgo Bufkin

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Waterjet Cutting

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Did you ever have problem cutting thick materials to meet your specifications and quality standards?

Waterjet technology has revolutionized the art of metal cutting, and Milgo Bufkin is one of the first and most experienced providers of high-quality waterjet cutting services.

MILGO/BUFKIN Offers Both Laser and Waterjet Cutting

MILGO/BUFKIN offers clients a full range of cutting services using both laser cutters and state-of-the-art waterjet. Laser cutting is effective for metals up to about 1 3/8 ” and is also effective for paper and plastic. Waterjet is the best technology for thicker metals and is also effective on glass and stone. Waterjet can provide precise cutting on materials up to thicknesses of 8”.

MILGO/BUFKIN has built a reputation for quality in the metal fabrication business since 1916. While our tradition of fine craftsmanship began over a hundred years ago, we are proud that our technology is always state-of-the-art. We have always believed in using the newest and most advanced technologies for working in metal. Waterjet cutting, a highly precise, computer controlled technology, offers our clients a deeper quality cut, faster and more economically than older technologies.

Waterjet Cutting can save you time and money

Waterjet cutting is computer driven. For you that means results are faster and more accurate. Minimal fixturing is required for most parts cut by waterjet technology. The process can machine virtually any two-dimensional shape. This makes it extremely cost-effective for short runs for prototypes, for example, with metals that are difficult to cut conventionally. Waterjet cutting is also used for architectural design and signage as well as for manufactured component parts.

Waterjets produce results with no heat-affected zones, heat distortions or mechanical stress. The process is much faster than traditional cutting techniques and is extremely cost-effective, particularly for metals over an inch thick.

Ideal for non-precision parts in quantity, waterjet cutting economically produces near net shapes ready for final machining. Set-up time is fast because tooling requirements are minimal, tolerances can be held consistently, and parts can be stacked to minimize run time and production costs. Another advantage: advanced software and a naturally small kerf serve to maximize the yield from each metal sheet.

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