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Drywall Details

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MILGO/BUFKIN has an extensive collection of decorative drywall beads for enhancement and decoration of rounded drywall corners, sconces and reveals. This product is meant for use in finer construction and renovation projects and replaces custom manual techniques that are more labor intensive and expensive.

MILGO/BUFKIN’s drywall beads are made of aluminum, which makes them lightweight and easy to apply. To achieve a fancy custom effect, all you have to do is place the bead between two sheets of drywall, fasten, spackle and paint.

In addition to our extensive drywall bead choices, MILGO/BUFKIN can also work with your designer or architect to create custom drywall bead products based on your designs.

MILGO/BUFKIN: known for customized designs in metal

MILGO/BUFKIN has been creating high visibility architectural metal fabrications for the world’s largest builders, artists, designers and architects for almost a century. That’s why it makes sense to call MILGO/BUFKIN for all your designed metal fabrication needs.

MILGO/BUFKIN has provided decorative drywall bead to some of the most prestigious structures in the world, including:

MILGO/BUFKIN specializes in Custom Drywall Bead

MILGO/BUFKIN can meet your need for decorative drywall beads from our extensive collection or by fabricating custom designs. We have made our reputation by our ability to perform miracles in metal. It’s the reasons why the world’s greatest architects and designers call on us to fabricate their creations. Put our talent and experience to work the next time you need special drywall bead for your project.

For information or to receive a quote, call 718-388-6476, fax to 718-388-3154, email us, or use this form.


MILGO/BUFKIN services related to metal drywall reveals encompass a range of offerings from design consultation to installation and maintenance. These services ensure that the reveals are not only selected correctly but also installed and maintained properly for the best aesthetic and functional outcomes. Here are our main services typically offered:

Design Consultation

  • Architectural Design Support: Our experts help architects and designers integrate metal drywall reveals into their plans, providing recommendations on profiles, finishes, and placements.
  • Customization Options: We provide consultation on custom profiles and finishes to meet specific design requirements and aesthetic goals.

Product Selection and Supply

  • Product Sourcing: We assist selecting the right type and finish of metal reveals from a range of manufacturers.
  • Custom Fabrication: We provide custom-fabricated reveals to match your unique project specifications and architectural designs.
  • Material Supply: Milgo ensures timely supply and delivery of metal reveals and related accessories to the job site.

Installation Services

  • Training and Supervision: Offering training for construction teams on the proper techniques for installing metal reveals, or providing on-site supervision.
  • Quality Control: We provide regular inspections and quality control checks to ensure that the installation meets industry standards and project specifications.

Project Management

  • Coordination with Other Trades: Managing the coordination between different trades (e.g., drywall installers, painters) to ensure smooth integration of metal reveals into the construction process.
  • Timeline Management: Ensuring that the installation of metal reveals fits within the overall project timeline and does not cause delays.Maintenance and Repairs
  • Routine Maintenance: Services to maintain the appearance and integrity of metal drywall reveals over time, including cleaning and minor repairs.
  • Damage Repair: Addressing any damage to metal reveals, such as dents or scratches, to restore their original look and function.

Technical Support

  • Installation Guidance: Providing detailed installation guides, technical drawings, and support materials to assist with DIY installations.
  • Troubleshooting: Offering support for any issues that arise during installation or post-installation.

Customization and Special Projects

  • Custom Design and Fabrication: We create unique metal reveals tailored to specific architectural requirements and creative designs.
  • Special Projects: Our expertise includes handling complex projects that require bespoke solutions or intricate detailing with metal drywall reveals.

MILGO/BUFKIN’s services related to metal drywall reveals are designed to ensure that these architectural elements are effectively integrated into construction projects, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. From initial design consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance, these services support the successful use of metal drywall reveals in various applications.

For information or to receive a quote, call 718-388-6476, fax to 718-388-3154, email us, or use this form.