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Metal Ceilings

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Do you want to include metal ceilings in your next project, but worry about quality, availability and customer service? Solve your metal ceiling problems by calling MILGO/BUFKIN. More sub-contractors, contractors, architects and designers choose MILGO/BUFKIN as their first choice in metal ceilings, metal ceiling systems and metal ceiling design. MILGO/BUFKIN has a complete line of attractive metal ceilings available to meet your specifications. MILGO/BUFKIN also has the capability of fabricating metal ceilings from your unique design.

MILGO/BUFKIN has an extensive collection of ceilings in many traditional and custom designs and in a choice of colors. Because MILGO/BUFKIN is a manufacturer of metal ceilings, we are able to offer superior quality at lower cost because our skilled craftspeople control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Our metal ceilings are created at our factory in Brooklyn, NY where we have been fabricating metal products since 1916. When you choose a metal ceiling system from MILGO/BUFKIN you are buying direct from the factory so you get better prices and the quality and service you require.

MILGO/BUFKIN specializes in Metal Ceilings

MILGO/BUFKIN offers a full range of metal ceilings and also can create custom metal ceilings according to your design. We have made our reputation by our ability to perform miracles in metal. It’s the reason why the world’s greatest architects and designers call on us to fabricate their creations. Put our talent and experience to work on your metal ceiling project. Our engineers are glad to discuss your project with you and provide you with timely estimates for costs and delivery.

Call MILGO/BUFKIN for all your Metal Ceiling needs. For information or to receive a quote, call 718-388-6476, email us, or use this form now.