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Imagine a new design vocabulary in which individual expression, creativity and taste are so closely accommodated that no two forms are the same. Just as our genetic code permits each of us to be unique, so too AlgoRhythm Technologies™ generates a wide range of unique forms from its genetic code.

AlgoRhythm Technologies offers a wide range of curvilinear structures with fluid movements mirroring the flows of nature. Material flows under its own weight and other forces according to morphologic laws that pertain more to fluid motion than to static objects. By freeing the elements of construction from their rigid geometries, AlgoRhythm Technologies unfolds infinite opportunities to model a new architecture. The undulating look of these structures results from the behavior of sheet metal under force. The forms are non-deformational, thereby maintaining the integrity of the metal.

Dr. Haresh Lalvani, architect-morphologist and inventor of these new forms, states:

AlgoRhythms proceed from the “bottom-up.” Columns, walls and ceilings, the first series of products introduced here, are based on morphologically structured information (meta architecture) that permits endless variations on a theme. The term “AlgoRhythm” captures the flow, harmony and movement in the shape of the products as well as the use of generative procedures. This project has enabled me to experiment with the relationship between a genetic code and the manufacturing process.

To create these structures, a procedure was developed so that single, continuous metal sheets are shaped by computer-driven equipment according to algorithmically generated geometries. This approach permits the structures to be modeled and easily fabricated translating into a reasonable cost. AlgoRhythm Technologies produces patented structures with an elegant new look that also appear to be structurally advantageous. It is a vivid example of high technology bringing us closer to nature while offering a new curvilinear vocabulary previously unavailable to architects.

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